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When should an organization replace their equipment?

There really isn’t a cut and dry answer to this question.  Many factors can play into an organization’s decision as to when to replace equipment; budget limitations, frequency of use of a device, how well the device is maintained and serviced, and the length of the support warranty purchased with the equipment.

The general consensus as to when to replace equipment is as follow:

  • 3-5 years for Desktops
  • 2-4 years for Laptops
  • 3-5 years for Servers

As an IT Services provider, we always recommend to plan ahead and budget for equipment replacements. The last thing an organization needs is to worry about is an unexpected device failure, especially when it comes their server(s).

What if an organization’s Technology Budget isn’t large enough to replace their equipment when recommended?

  • Maintenance your devices.  A well-maintained device can sometimes last past the estimated life expectancy.
  • Updates, Updates, Updates. Make sure all your devices have the most current software for optimal performance. Slow running devices due to outdated software can be a costly mistake. If the software is too outdated, the time it takes to update can be lengthy and can require the device to be taken out of the workforce until completed.
  • Back-up your systems frequently. If by chance a device like a server fails, having a back-up of your Network will help speed up the recovery process.  We recommend daily back-ups to most of our customers but some organizations require hourly or even continuous back-ups.

Keep a current inventory of all devices. Include when they were purchased, the purchase amount for budgeting, and how long the warranty is goof for.  This will help determine which devices need replaced and when.

In closing, don’t wait until a device fails to replace it, plan ahead.  Having equipment down is costly and can break a company’s bank account if not properly budgeted for.

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