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Knowledge is Key

Whether you are looking for information on how secure your Network is or you need to upgrade your Microsoft software, IT Supervision provides added value with our Professional Services for may of today’s business environments. Know what you need is key to maintaining a prosperous and functioning business.

Network Security Assessment

Have you lost sleep at night wondering how vulnerable your network is? With our Network Security Assessment, we will provide you with details about your network, where there are potential risks, and recommend the appropriate steps to secure your network. Click HERE for more information.

HIPAA Compliance Assessment

Need to know if you are HIPAA compliant? IT Supervision has the tools to provide you with detailed reports and even the needed official HIPAA IT assessment documentation. Click HERE for more information.

PCI Compliance Assessment

Does your business process credit cares for purchases made by customers? If you are a Retail, Internet, or Mail Order merchant, chances are you know what the PCI Security Standards are. Eliminate the risk of being fined with our comprehensive PCI Compliance Assessment. Click HERE for more information.

Security Assessment

Need to know who logged into what device and how often they do it? Our Security Assessment provides detailed information as to which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have. Click HERE for more information.

Wireless Survey

Want to see how well your existing wireless coverage is or maybe you are thinking of providing wireless in the work place? IT Supervision has the tools to provide you with a detailed map showing the coverage you already have or will need. We’ll review our findings with you and recommend the best wireless solution to fit your technology budget and provide the best coverage for your office needs.

Microsoft Upgrades and Migrations

Are you having problems opening documents sent to you from outside your company? Having the correct software for your business is as important as having the correct employees to run your business. Running your business on outdated software can be detrimental to the functionality of your employees and causes loss of revenue. Whether you are just needing to upgrade to the newest and greatest Microsoft software or if you want to migrate to Microsoft, we have the solutions that are right for you.

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