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Network Security Assessment


What is a Network Security Assessment?

A Network Security Assessment, more commonly known as a Network Analysis, is a non-intrusive assessment of a business’s network traffic using a network monitoring or network bandwidth monitoring software/application.

The Network Security Assessment provides information on your network’s performance, security and/or general network operations and management. It is designed to gather network, machine and end-user data. Some applications even dive deeper by including external vulnerabilities, user behavior, permissions, logins, and full scans of MS Exchange Servers providing information on mailbox stats, users, and shares. Some applications can also provide businesses with HIPAA and PCI compliance information and documents required under Security Rules.

Once the Assessment program(s) gather all the data, the information is exported into a comprehensive report for you and your IT Provider to review and determine the proper course of action needed. Typically, the assessment can be done in a single review which saves your business time and money.

How do you get a Network Security Assessment?

The software/applications can be expensive for a business to purchase for themselves and are typically used as infrequently as once a year.  IT Providers, such as ourselves, can typically provide a comprehensive assessment for a reasonable fee, some even offer a general assessment for free.

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